App Pricing Plan

IMPORTANT: Apple and Google Website Compliance

  • As part of both Apple and Google quality compliance rules, all apps submitted to the iTunes App Store and Google Play must be linked to a qualified home website.
  • If you currently don’t have a website, AppzDepot offers qualified website packages which can be ordered upon checkout or separately.
  • You are not required to own a website by AppzDepot to enjoy any of the AppzDepot App products.
  • You can view our website packages by visiting our SHOP page.

IMPORTANT: Apple Developer ID Requirement

  • Apple is now requiring a Apple Developer ID for any app maintained on the Apple App Store. The Developer ID must be in the owners name or the business name. There are No Exceptions to this new requirement.
  • The link below will allow you to create your own apple Developer ID. ¬†Follow the link fill out the form and submit to Apple.
  • Should you need an Apple Developer ID but don’t have time? Ask us About our Apple Developer ID Concierge Services We can handle everything for you.

Apple Developer ID Link:

  • Mobile Application Hosting Fee
    • $ 199 Monthly
      • Required For all Apps
      • Contact Screen
      • Events Calendar
      • Info Screen
      • Mailing List Form
      • Messages
      • Website Screen
      • Unlimited Push Notifications
      • Analytics
      • Email Client Connection
      • HTML5 Mobile Website
      • BONUS: 2 free niche features

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  • Third Party Premium Add-On's
    • $ 49 Base Plan +Monthly Fee
      • Requires Base Plan $199/mo & $150 One time setup fee
      • +3rd Party ordering Module at $49/mo
      • Add any third party ordering service
      • Benefits Food Service Industry

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  • Apple & Google Submission Fee
    • $ 500 Mobile Application Hosting plus Apple/Google submission fee
      • Requires Mobile Application Hosting Fee $199/mo
      • One-time fee of $500
      • Covers Apple Submission Fee ($250.)
      • Covers Google Submission Fee ($250.)

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