Easy & Simple - No Coding Required!

AppzDepot offers a feature-rich drag-and-drop platform and automated App Store submission process that was designed with you in mind.


Creating, publishing, and updating a mobile app for your business has never been easier.


With our platform, you can create an app yourself or have our designers create one for you.

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Engage customers directly with unlimited push notifications and an endless combination of in-app features.


Need more customers on slow days?  Offer incentives to drive traffic to your door.  Want more Facebook Likes and Shares, or more Twitter Followers?  Offer discounts for posting positive feedback.  Why wait?  Order your app today!

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Give your ideas life!

AppzDepot offers you the same big features that big corporations use to market their businesses. Mixmatch and combine any feature you wish for creating a unique app experience that will WOW your customers.
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Be a Marketing Genius!

Not sure how an app can help your business? We offer a huge knowledge base and library of marketing videos for answering all your questions. Before launching your app, you'll be a marketing genius!
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Make More Money!

Our big features include unlimited push notifications, mobile food ordering, reservations, loyalty programs, and coupons. When done, your app will generate more revenue and increase customer engagement.
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Less Work = More Money

Studies show people with less tend to work more.


Connect the dots and see for yourself that AppzDepot offers an abundance of highly effective selling tools that integrate seamlessly into your business model… so you to work less.

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Target your industry!

Select any industry example below and see how you can save you 1,000’s in advertising dollars, boost Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and double your cash sales, all from one app!

AppzDepot offers a variety of tools custom designed for marketing your business.

AppzDepot’s App Creation Process


Corporate giants were conceived on a bar napkin. Our staff believes in tradition, and they'll sketch out your dream to perfection.


Your napkin is then passed on to our designers, who will combine their original creative with yours to bring your dream to life.


Your napkin is now our guide to put the newly created app through stringent tests. We even offer a demo to test on your customers.


The day we file your napkin away is the same day your app passes compliance and is launched into your customers hands.


What Are You Waiting For? Order Your App Today!

In the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, you could be on your way to creating a unique app.

The Internet is here to stay, and apps are the new direct marketing tool. The digital age is here, and although not totally retired, gone are the days of printed mailers, cold calls and window flyers. That cup of coffee you’re drinking... your competition sold it to you.


Become Better at Marketing Your Business!

Marketing a business or product is time consuming and a costly endeavor.

With the plethora of marketing materials and how-to-videos made available with your plan, you’ll learn more about knowing how and when to act. Numbers don’t lie! So AppzDepot offers you the means to forecast selling opportunities and increase your customer base.


Grow Your Social Media Accounts With Ease!

Generating leads is the hidden benefit of growing and maintaining a social media presence.

The more fans, followers, and likes on your social media accounts, the more people you reach. The greater your reach, the potential you have to generate leads and build your customer base. Our app provides tools to increase your reach.


Keep In Direct Contact With Customers!

Your customers should be kept as close as your family, there's consequences for not.

Small businesses offer a greater level of intimacy than big businesses. Every owner knows that small interactions with the customer can add value to what may seem like ordinary. An app maintains interactions with notifications of events and special offers.